Police Brutality

Williamson County Deputies Show Gang Tendencies and Beat Victim Unconscious

On June 14, 2019 Ramsey Mitchell was stopped by the Williamson County Sheriff’s department for missing a front license plate. It turned into a gang member beating. This gang wore the same clothes. They guard an area. They expect people to respect their authority “or else” this is what will happen to them.

They have their own guidelines too that appear to be above the law. The only problem is that there is nobody to call to help protect against them since they are the law. The Williamson County Sheriff in Texas decided to beat the living hell out of a person because they would not follow their orders. One can only imagine what would have happened if he had thrown a punch. He may have gotten shot. Viewers can see in the video how many officers punched this man while he was down. Deputy Mark Luera and JJ Johnson have been involved in multiple incidents, but still continue to operate as deputies.

This is just warning for those who may want to mess with Texas, specifically Williamson County. Maybe they should put a picture of Mark Luera on a poster telling people to respect his authority and put a before and after of what happens. Seems like that’s allowed, anyways.

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