Police Brutality

Doorbell Camera Captures Officer Punching Autistic Teen

A Ring video captured a teenage boy with autism being slammed and punched by a Vacaville police officer.

Adam Wolf’s 17-year-old son Preston was detained by officers. According to Wolf, another 16-year-old boy tried to pick a fight with Preston while he was playing at a nearby creek. Preston reportedly used a metal pole to defend himself until an older gentleman intervened. Preston then went to play with a neighbor. During this time, the police had been called and were searching for him.

The police had been responding to a report of a stabbing and “assault with a deadly weapon”. The officer on duty first found the 16-year-old before finding Preston. As captured by a neighbor’s Ring home surveillance video, the officer confronts Preston, who is ordered to sit. The officer is then seen throwing Preston’s scooter.

Preston, who suffers from autism and ADHD, gets up, which is when the officer throws him to the ground. The officer straddles Preston, repeatedly punching him in the face.

Preston screams, “You punched me in the f***ing head.” The officer responds with “You’re gonna get hurt. Don’t make me hurt you more. Don’t make me hurt you more.”

The incident was recorded on neighbor Josh Bartholomew’s Ring security system and was witnessed by his 5-year-old son. Bartholomew said he attempted to intervene by explaining to the officers that Preston had special needs.

Preston was detained for an hour before he was brought home. “On top of that, they tried to get him, who is a 17-year-old and is autistic, they tried to get him to sign a citation,” his father said. 

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